With a little dating comes some baggage

I thought my first official blog should be about baggage.  I wrote this awhile ago, after breaking up with a guy who I had convinced myself was “the one” – oh boy was I wrong.

Baggage – everyone has it, whether we want to admit it or not.  Sometimes, it comes back to bite us right in the ass.  Sometimes another persons baggage is the reason for our misery.  For example, when you are falling for one of the most amazing men you have met in a long time, and he runs into his ex, and then he realizes he was never really over her.  She is his kryptonite, and you my friend, are left to deal with trying to understand what the hell went wrong – alone, cuz he wants nothing to do with you anymore, he is back with her. And you, well, you are left with the pieces of what could have been….
You start thinking negative things, like I am not good enough, she must be prettier, younger, thinner, etc etc.  But in reality she was there first, you were just a blip in their relationship drama.  So then the question becomes, well if you aren’t over your ex, why are you moving on to someone else?  I wasn’t really a ‘rebound’, but I wasn’t exactly top of the shelf – which is evident of the decision he made.
So why do men think its ok to start dating again so soon after a break-up?  Especially if they have baggage they haven’t been able to ship off or unload somewhere else.  Gawd I wish I knew.

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