Subprime Dating

I actually once texted a guy “fool me once, ok, fool me twice F you”.  While most of the women I know thought this was great, he actually was quite offended…who knew men were so sensitive?  I mean the guy had stood me up, not once, but twice. I had given him the benefit of the doubt, but hoped that he wouldn’t do it again.

Undecided (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

I swore that I would never give a guy a second chance, but recently I did – so much for being a hard ass.  I had been on two dates with this one guy….let’s call him Undecided.  Mr. Undecided stood me up the first time we were talking for our 3rd date, said he was tired, and then I never heard from him again…well, that is not actually true, I did hear from him again.  We crossed paths where we had first met, on a dating web site – which by the way are essentially meat markets online.  However, if you can find a better way to meet people, please share….I am trying everything here people!  Anyway, we chatted again, and we agreed that we should try again.  A Fresh Start, I believe was the actual phrase he used.  Anyway, he actually stood me up again.  However, I have learned not to put all my eggs in one basket, and no this does not mean I am sleeping around.  It just means, I have a pretty full great life already, and a great guy would just be an excellent addition to that.  So instead of sitting by the phone waiting for him to call, I was in a baseball tournament, and I spent time with my amazing friends and family.  I walked in a 5K for Juvenile Diabetes for my amazing nephew.  I had fun, and had a super busy weekend.  I didn’t let him standing me up get in my way.  Whatever reason men have for standing women up, it is their problem, not yours, or mine.  I can’t make a guy want to date me, and any guy I have to convince to go on a date with me, I don’t really want to date anyway.

In the financial world subprime lending is loaning money to people who other wise wouldn’t be able to get that money.  So, perhaps subprime dating is the same kind of idea?  You give a guy a second chance for a date when perhaps no other woman would.  If he screws it up again you send Uncle Vinny out to break his knee caps – oh wait, that might not be the financial institutions you were thinking about.   But how do you know who is the right person to give a second chance to? Second chance dating is a lot like a loan, it may pay you out right, but in the long run, you will pay, either with them thinking you are desperate, or that you have nothing better going on in your life, so you can totally be treated like crap.  In my daily job, I deal a lot with numbers and calculations, but there is no calculation or statistics for dating.  In fact I am a firm believer that almost all statistics are made up!  I mean 86% of statistics are from fabricated studies – see I just made that up, and now it is all over the internet.  Well, all over my blog.

Anyway, Mr. Undecided is now gone, and I am moving onward and upward.  Trying to find that one guy who doesn’t stand me up, doesn’t dump me for his ex, and wants to be only with me.  I may have to smack him when I find him…where the hell is he already, could he not use a GPS? Why is it taking so long for us to find one another?

Undecided (Photo credit: jeff_golden)


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