Single Summer Weekend

I love my neighbourhood, or “my hood” as I like to call it.  It is in my opinion one of the best hoods in Toronto.  Being single in the summer can be quite lonely.  Especially when almost all of your friends are married, married with kids, or have kids, or are just in a relationship. However, in my hood there is never a shortage of things to do.  For example today, a fairly lonely day, yep you guessed it, Mr. Undecided stood me up…AGAIN.  Needless to say he will not be getting another chance – I don’t care how cute he is.  The man obviously has some serious damage.  Who begs for a second chance and then blows it again?  Perhaps he got a better offer?  Hopefully she is willing to put up with that shiz, Lord knows I am not.

Anyway, I digress – as I was saying my hood is great! Today, I went for a walk down by the beach.  Walked to the hardware store, and picked up some paint, then walked through KEW Gardens, and saw some Shakespeare in the Park, so that was pretty cool to watch.  I then decided to go get a Mani and pedi.  One of my utmost favourite activities to do anywhere.  I even picked up a new book about dating.  It is called “Get the Guy”. I will update once I have started to read it, perhaps it is the holy grail of dating and getting a great guy, maybe it is just a funny read, either way I will update.

As I walked and soaked in the sunshine and the fresh warm air, I thought how lucky I was to live in such a great part of the City, where people flock to every weekend, every sunny day, and while they had to fight traffic to get here and circle to find a parking spot I am lucky enough to call this home.  While I was walking I was texting with a friend, who recently lost one of her best friend’s to cancer.  This friend has been a great inspiration to me, she is one of the most positive, strong and calming people I know.  She reminded me that one of the greatest advantages of being single or making time for oneself is the opportunity for personal development.  To work on ourselves body and mind, is a very important thing I have learned as I have gotten older, and as new people have entered my life.  I have recently started seeing a personal trainer. And I have started to look into some training for my mind.  This type of personal development can be anything from meditating, reading, or just spiritual searching.  I have yet to find a self-help book or blog, or quote that doesn’t make me think more positively or make me feel better about myself.  Improving your outlook on life is a pretty amazing feeling, and who doesn’t want to feel amazing, and happy all the time?

I don’t ever want to feel like I need a man to fulfill my life.  I know that if I go for a walk that I will see and experience everything that this City has to offer, I can do it by myself.  I know that.  But it is nice to know that one day I will get to share all of this with an amazing guy…well he may not be into the manis and pedis- and that is okay too.

So it is Saturday night, and I am home writing a blog about my single life.  This is one of those days that there is no dating drama or funny anecdote…maybe next week 🙂


3 thoughts on “Single Summer Weekend

  1. I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met someone who had no feet..we all get “down.” We just pick up, dust off, and do better tomorrow. The resolve never to quit is key to breaking through to brighter days.

    Plan, commit, and go!

    Hang tough,

    1. Thanks for your comment! I like the mantra, plan commit and go!
      I am not hanging tough though…that makes it sound like I am barely surviving. When in reality I am thriving! I am working to make every day a brighter day for myself. I am grateful for everything I have that is wonderful in my life, and very soon I will add a great man, and partner to that list.

      1. Good for you, Lisa! It sounds like you have a great outlook. And I like that you feel thankful for what you have. But, even so, your goal is to make every good day even better!

        You’re right…you aren’t just “hanging on!” Take care and have a super bright day!


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