Dating Desert…

I am currently in a dating desert – not sure why, maybe because it is summer, and people are too busy to actually date or meet up.  I mean I play on 2-3 slo-pitch teams, I travel and visit a lot of friends and family in the summer (although I could always do more), I am currently seeing a personal trainer, and I am working full time. So ya, people including myself are very busy in the summer.
I actually watched Sex in the City the other day, it is hard to find on TV and I haven’t had the chance to buy all of the DVDs as of yet.  As I was watching it, I thought wow, Carrie really makes being single look super sexy and fun.  She was going to museums, she actually went to a movie on date night by herself! I mean don’t get me wrong, I know it was staged for the show, but still.  Do people actually do this? I would never go to a Saturday night movie by myself, even if it was a super cute French movie.  All the more reason to not go by myself.  As she and her friends talked about it, Charlotte wondered if she wasn’t concerned that people would think about her being there by herself….I would worry the same thing.  Fine I am by myself, but what does everyone else think about that? Thanks to my mother for the Catholic guilt and shame that goes along with being a 37 year old spinster.
I have to be super honest here, I miss dating…I miss being in a relationship, and having someone to hug me.  I am not a big hugger day to day, but in a relationship, in the arms of a man you have so many loving feelings for, ugh it is the best.  That sense of safety and warmth when he wraps his arms around you, and any feministic belief you ever had goes flying out the window, cuz all you want is to have him hold you and feel like he would fend off anything , and you just feel warm and fuzzy and the butterflies in your stomach are fluttering away.  Ok, I should stop…this is making me want to hug and hold random men on the streetcar. Which might in turn get me arrested.  I actually thought about doing that this morning on the streetcar…I was afraid for him and his very beautiful arms and broad shoulders.
I am not the only person that has issues finding men.  For a long time (and not helped by the dating UPS debacle) I thought men didn’t want to date me because I am full figured.  Enter my amazing personal trainer…let’s call her AssKicker-Supreme, who proved to me how wrong I was in my thinking (also thanks to my therapist who once told me to find proof or facts to disprove these negative thoughts I have – therapy, just do it)  She is beautiful, smart and outgoing.  Everything I like to believe I am.  The difference with her and I is that she is in amazing shape, hence me paying her to torture me.  As two single women we have learned that both of us have a hard time meeting men.  Online dating is never fun, and we have discussed this at length.  While men avoid me as I state I am a full figured – or like UPS wait until a very inopportune moment to tell me this, men don’t believe that AssKicker is who she says she is…that her pictures are fake.  So really, there is no pleasing men…I mean I know there is, but stick with me here.
While I think most women do not know what they want, I think men really really do not know what they want.  I think I am a catch, and I honestly think there are a lot of really sane amazing single women out there…what are you men waiting for?! It shouldn’t be this hard or time consuming for anyone to find that one they want to spend some time with. Enjoy a cuddle, enjoy a Blue Jays game, enjoy someone to laugh with, go for a drink with. Share secrets and have amazing sex with.  This is not too much for any woman to ask for…is it?

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