A date is just a date….

Well, it has finally happened, I finally landed a date!  A pretty great one too, the first date was meant to be drinks, it ended up being drinks and dinner and a walk by the lake…a pretty great first date.

We have been on two dates so far.  He is very nice, last night he even carried my crazy heavy purse for me.  What a sweetheart.  And we are seeing each other again tonight.

I am not good at the whole dating scene, it is why I try to avoid it like the plague.  What do we talk about? What do we do? How much kissing is too much kissing on the second or third date?  When do I just become a tease?  Not that talking to the new guy is hard, he is quite easy to talk too.  He is funny and light hearted, and can take a joke, which is so important, I can’t even tell you how important it is.  I guess I will have to come up with a “name” for the blog, but not sure what it will be quite yet.

With every new date I go on, I feel like I am a 13 year old when it comes to the next steps.  I am great on first dates – I have a lot of practice with them (sad but true).  Second dates, I fair not too badly, but then I wonder what comes next? It has been so long, I don’t even remember! So so so sad, but so true.

Perhaps I need a dating coach?  Someone who can tell me what to do, what to say, or better what not to say, or what should happen on the next date if anything other than us just getting to know each other.  I imagine it should all happen so naturally, but I don’t know…

I think after the second date, I always fear that this will be the point where he breaks up with me…I show too much of myself, or not enough.  Where is the happy medium? Some guys think you are shut off, some think you share too much…what is a girl to do?!?!

I am off in a few hours to my 3rd date, with this new guy.  I hope it goes well. Wish me luck!


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