Good Luck Jane

You can just call me ‘Good Luck Jane’.   I saw this movie years ago, and I always thought, hey that is me….what movie was I comparing myself too? Good Luck Chuck, starring Dane Cook.  Have you seen it?  You should – it is pretty funny, if you don’t mind Dane Cook’s sense of humour and graphic boob shots (not his, but that wouldn’t be bad either).  The premise of the movie is that this guy Chuck has sex with women, and then they break up with him, and they get married.  By sleeping with him, they have essentially put in their time, and then get to find their man of dreams.  Chuck is their good luck charm.   I believe, I am the good luck charm for men.  I just found out yesterday that my ex “Fathead” is engaged to the girl he broke up with me for…granted this was his ex-girlfriend.  But still.  I was not really surprised, but saddened a little bit.

But it seems that most guys who date me, go on to the next relationship and end up getting married….its like I am their good luck charm….I am ‘good luck Jane’.  It is not something I am proud of…nor do I want to admit that I could be the reason behind someone I enjoyed spending time with or could have loved, has moved on and loves someone more than me…or at least differently  – so differently in fact that they want to marry the other woman, and not me.

I hope I can find my good luck charm (maybe its Dane Cook- by the way how awesome would that be…we would make children comedic Gods), to break my spell.  Not that I don’t want to make other people happy…but this is getting a little bit ridiculous!!!!



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