The Bachelorette Ruined My Dating Life

lovethatguyI am not one to be persuaded easily, in fact many people would say I am stubborn.  However, I feel that The Bachelorette has completely skewed my reality of what dating should really be like, you know in the real world with real people, sans cameras following you at every turn.  I have never been on reality tv, but I sure do have some favourite shows to watch.  Including The Bachelorette.  I watch almost every season….

I now feel after watching over 100 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that; dates should always include helicopter rides, the beach or some other crazy romantic destination – perhaps a concert put on just for us by Jason Aldean? Restaurants should never be used, they are tacky and have horrible lighting; in contrast meals should always take place at a randomly placed table, with the food I was going to order already on it, with a large glass of my favourite wine conveniently already poured for me and my date.  I should be dating 25 guys, and have the ability to send one home weekly – especially if he after 1 single date and 3 group dates hasn’t told me he is falling for me.  Or heaven forbid after 6 weeks of knowing me hasn’t told me he loves and of course proposed marriage.

Currently, I am dating “The Teacher” he is a lot quieter than my typical type, but he is funny and I enjoy spending time with him…but he hasn’t taken me on a helicopter, nor have we eaten at a randomly placed table on a rooftop in some exotic location.  Still, I think I will keep giving him a chance, and mentally at the end of each date, I will ask…Will you accept this rose?


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