Dating yourself is so one-sided

Well, I think I am no longer seeing ‘The Teacher’.  It really isn’t clear.  He is busy, I am busy, life is busy in general.  But, at some point someone has to make time for someone else – and that ain’t happening.  I am willing, and able to make time in my life for someone, preferably for ‘The Teacher’ at this point.  But I am not sure he is.  He passed me up this weekend to go to the library.  Look, I understand that people have priorities in life, and that work will often get in the way of enjoying our lives…but I think I want just once to be the priority in a man’s life.  To know that I am more than enough for one man.  I am enough for me, and I am happy with my life, my friends and my family.  But let’s be honest sleeping and waking up alone every single day sucks.  It sucks the big one.

I think there is a man out there for me, I am just super exhausted in waiting for him.  You know there are always the sayings “it will happen when you least expect it”, “you are great, why are you single?”, “just don’t think about it”.   Do you know who says these things, people who aren’t single…people who are in pretty steady relationships…and who for the foreseeable future will not be single or sleeping alone, or going to weddings by themselves.

I went to a wedding last night by myself once again.  I am tired of being the sad single at a celebration of love.  Just once I would like to have a great date, who isn’t my most amazing gay friend.  I mean he dances, and he is a social butterfly, but he doesn’t put out. ha ha ha.

But there is something so sad about always being an odd woman out.  Everyone was there with someone else.  But it also reminded me that there is love out there, and that it is possible to find the right person…

So I am back on the dating scene…I will keep it positive, and know that he is out there…Also, if you know a great guy, please feel free to give him my number…I will take any opportunities to meet a great guy. 🙂


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