Coffee and Sex?

I know, I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I have been a bit side tracked.  What is worse than being single? Being single and unemployed…see in late 2013 I was layed off.  It was a total shock…if anyone loved their job more than me, I would be very surprised.  But things happen, and you can’t change them, so I have been spending my time trying to find that next amazing job, that I will love just as much as the last one.  Now that the holidays are over, I am hoping the wheels will start turning a lot faster.

I was also staying with my parents – which in itself was an adventure…my mother had a complete knee replacement, so I was helping out, or being bossed around, whichever way you want to look at it.  She was healing quite well, so I decided to leave the land of no internet connection (or cellphone reception) and come back home.  I mean my parents are not old, but for some reason they believe the internet is the devil…people will steal your identity, but not before they learn everything from you off The Facebook or The Twitter.  Not that they actually know what either of those are…but they try so hard to understand and really wanna be hip.

Anyway, as far as dating, nothing much has been happening on that front.  Mostly due to the fact that I just need a job to be able to live and pay for things, being single means when you lose your job, no one else will pay your bills…which is a real kick in the pants.  So I am seeking not only love but gainful employment!

As I am still looking for the right guy, without looking for him – singles you know what I mean here.  I have found that there are some very interesting men out there, who act in very peculiar ways.  For example, I do think it is interesting that when men get drunk, they will say anything…for example over the holidays I was having a conversation with a completely intoxicated man, and he actually said “where have you been all my life?”.  I didn’t take it too seriously, as he could barely stand, but I thought, would this guy if sober say the same thing? And if alcohol is a truth serum, then does he actually mean it, or is he just spewing out garbage in hopes that if he maintains a conversation he will not pass out standing up?

This experience is not too different than online dating.  Men will pretty much say anything – and I believe this is even worse than Captain McDrunk, because these online guys have not even met you yet and in theory are sober.  You are three sentences in, you don’t even know the guys name yet, and he is already talking about sex, or where he would like to vacation with you, or meeting the parents – or the worst…a wedding.  Who are these guys? I would like to think they are undiagnosed social misfits or hermits who were co-parented by wolves and sexual predators.  Do they think this stuff actually works? Or worse…has this worked in the past? What woman was so desperate that she fell for a stock photo and a wolf pervert on the other end of her chat?

Don’t men realize now…in 2014, that women want to be courted, that we do want sodemotivation.us_COFFEE-Is-the-best-pretext-to-have-sex.-_134366393861me romance, some mystery – not a picture of your junk and some chat messages that says “Look forward to seeing u an spendn time with u, an maybe a little TLC if the nite goes well for the both of us.”  This is an actual message that I got this week from a guy who I was just setting up a coffee date with…a little presumptuous aren’t we?  I mean I just wanted to meet the guy for a coffee.  Not let him into my pants….apparently he has other plans.  I regretted to inform him that not only would he be not getting into my pants, but that I would also not be meeting him for coffee.  He then went on a rant that I was high maintenance, and too high on myself.  When did self-respect and dignity mean that you were high maintenance?  When did meeting for coffee imply sex?

I know there are wonderful and great men out there, but to those that are riding the line between an awesome catch and wolf pervert, please allow me to give you a piece of advice.  Don’t be a douche….treat a woman with respect, don’t share photos of your junk, or someone will post it on instagram or twitter with your name…and then you will only have yourself to blame.  Don’t let romance die, invite spontaneity, humour and mystery into your conversations.  Don’t expect sex before at least the 3rd date – unless of course you are out with a hooker and paying for it.  And if you are out with a hooker, go get tested before you date again.


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