When you are right you are right….

What if a man experienced what women did when online dating? Well, apparently one man tried it….http://redd.it/1uqym6 He posted on reddit and explained that within 2 hours he was essentially completely disgusted and put off.

Like my last post explained, this is not uncommon, no matter what site you go on. You just have to be female (or pose as a female) and you will get some less than interesting advances from men.

The really funny thing is this guy couldn’t even handle 2 hours of this onslaught of pervish messages from men. I have been dealing with it since I joined my first online dating site…when that was, I don’t think I will ever admit it on here, or to myself. He thought he could log on, mess with some men and have a few laughs – well joke is on you my friend…these guys don’t know the word no, they don’t realize that they are disgusting or inappropriate – they love this stuff, hiding behind a computer at home, in their mom’s basement getting their rocks off.

This just goes to prove that some men (especially those online) have no idea how to actually have great relationships or let’s be honest…great sex. I mean these guys are in a competition alright, and they always win…and the women who fall for their disgusting pervish behaviours are left unsatisfied, still searching for love, and still dealing with online sex stalkers.

You can try the serious “payment” type online dating sites, however, then you are usually just dealing with pervs with money. So what is the alternative? I wait for a man to knock on my door…hasn’t happened yet…Run into a guy at the grocery store…he is too busy copping a feel in the Melons row to pay attention. Any suggestions? We women need a great place to find, nice, normal, fun and engaging men.

I am open to suggestions!


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