A Tale of Two Searches

As I have been seeking out employment, I have realized that the process of finding a date and applying for jobs and interviewing are in fact, the same thing.  These pursuits of love and career are currently my main goal in life – who knew in my 30’s I would be so lost with no job, and no husband.  It was a revelation, a dream sequence of realization that my life is in fact encompassed around not only finding a great guy, but now finding a great career.  I am perpetually looking…and as any married person with 2.5 kids and a dog will incessantly tell you “when you are looking for it, it won’t happen.”  Shocking enough, these are the same people that use the theory for job searching – “it will happen, you just have to believe, you have to visualize”.   I have a visualization for them to try….


Most of the time when you are applying for jobs you don’t hear anything from the HR department unless they want to interview you.  JUST like dating…that guy is not calling you, unless he wants to see you again.   And then you wait….and wait, and wait some more.   There is nothing you can do to get HR’s attention, they won’t take your calls, you feel like a stalker, and if dating has taught you anything, it is that you have to avoid too much communication, as men freak easily, let him come to you, they are hunters, they like the chase…so you watch your phone, your email and LinkedIn or maybe even your dating profile, hoping for some sign that you may just get that interview or date.

I did get one letter from an HR department, they indicated that they really liked my resume, and that I had almost all of the experience that they were looking for, but….I was lacking one key piece of experience.  If one of my exes had written that letter to break up with me, only a few words would need to be replaced….scary? Yes.

And then there are the interviews, hello first date! The awkward moments, the weird questions “if you were a fruit what kind would you be?”.  Now I am not going to tell you if that was a date or an interview question but, I have actually been asked that question by a living human, who I assume was not clinically insane.  Just for the record, I said cantaloupe.  Just as a side note, I described myself as a cantaloupe because from the outside they seem to have a tough shell, but once you see the inside, it is sweet and colourful.  I know, I know, but when you are in these situations a perfunctory response like that is exactly the comeback required when someone asks such a ridiculous question.

The truth is finding a job is hard work, it is essentially a full time job in itself.  If you want something you are going to love everyday, you have to put an effort in.  I guess I need to put that level of effort into finding a great man as well.  I mean I know they are out there…I see examples of them everyday in my life.

Truth be told, I have found a job, it is not exactly what I was looking for, but it gets me out of a hermit lifestyle that I was becoming a little too accustomed with.  I had great support while unemployed, now if I can just engage friends, family and work associates to put as much effort into finding me a man as they did in lending me a great deal of support in finding work, I will be looking to take a vacation with a very handsome, wealthy and hilarious gentleman this year as well!  I mean, a girl can dream can’t she…no, visualize, I am visualizing he and I on a sandy beach enjoying a ice cold beverage…..VISUALIZE.


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