Out dated by a murderer

I just read that Paul Bernardo is engaged to be married. Smack my face, and call me shocked. I try on a daily basis to not be cynical or jaded about being single. It is a daily battle. But when I read that a convicted perverted murderer is engaged to be married, I really have to say…WHAT THE F&^% is wrong with our society? I often get told that my standards are too high. But when it comes to women who will date convicted murderers (Bernardo) or extreme racists (Sterling), one has to wonder if some women have any standards?

Should I be forced to lower my standards to find a nice guy? Perhaps guys think they are lowering their standards by dating me?  I mean I am no super model…I am amazing and fun, but to some guys I may be too big for their taste…which is fine, and I have come to live by the motto, if you can’t date me at this weight, I can’t date your ugly personality.  I usually find guys that think that I am just “friend” material.  And not even friends with benefits material…just a gal to hang out with and talk about other girls with – which let’s be honest, being that girl ALL the time SUCKS!!  But I have a lot to offer….at least I think I do.  Smart, independent, funny as all get out, I play sports, enjoy watching them to a certain extent.  I enjoy going out and trying new things and traveling…does a small ass make the package that much more intriguing? Maybe.

But I would rather have a big butt and a fantastic personality, than be a skinny gal with no personality or sense of humour.  Seems like guys would rather date them – and to them I say good luck to you.

For those of you that read the blog regularly, I wanted to also quickly update you on the whole Mr. Rogers situation.  Uhm, how do I put this?  Well, there is no situation.  I believe Mr. Rogers has slotted me into the buddy zone, and in my experience once you are in the buddy zone, you are pretty much there for life.  Like a prisoner kept from the general population – which worked for Bernardo… but after all that prison food, I am going to assume his ass is pretty small.


4 thoughts on “Out dated by a murderer

  1. Crazies love crazies – don’t think you’d enjoy the capricious imbalance of that engagement anyway 🙂 When in a slump, Oscar Wilde said it best, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

    1. yes, the crazies do love the crazies. I do enjoy a good capricious imbalance from time to time, but you are right, too much of crazy is not a good thing. Like my grandmother always used to say…”you attract crazy people, you need to learn to ignore them”

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