The Day that Dating Died

Today shall go down in infamy as the day that dating died – I am going to make this short and sweet, as I really don’t feel like reliving the whole painful experience again.  I had a lunch date, to put it mildly, it was horrible.  I should have known when he suggested lunch and then upon start of the date indicated we should go to a food court, apparently last updated in 1971.  By the way I work around Bay and Bloor, there are many many other places we could have gone…but we didn’t.

He discussed his living arrangements which were interesting to say the least, he discussed used tampons (No I am not lying), and used the anigif_enhanced-31696-1406578347-1word “like” every other word.  He would start a sentence and then say ya know?  Do you have any idea, ya know?

I thanked him for meeting up, went on my way back to work, where I quickly proceeded to delete every single dating app I have on my phone (and removed my accounts), and pledged that I am done with dating.  I am done with men not being real, by calling me weird names, angel face, etc.  I am done with forcing a connection where no connection was, is, or ever could be.

There has to be an easier way to meet men, I know they are not being hidden in a vault somewhere kept away from the general public of men to avoid contamination by other men, who are apparently children trapped in men’s bodies.  Wouldn’t I know about this vault already?


2 thoughts on “The Day that Dating Died

  1. I have Two profiles left. I have deleted them several times but I always go back to OKC at least. I cancelled the renewal though. I was looking for escorts and mail order husbands in Google, no results. so few services for women…not that these are the best services, but…

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